(: I'm fine

Mental illnesses don’t go away, even during the holidays. In fact I think mine get worse.

3 months ago


Katie, you’re an absolute piece of shit. I am so fucking angry at you that I can’t even find the right words to make you feel worse. I know you are in that stage of depression where you can’t feel anything and you’re just numb, and you deserve it. You will never be happy and no one gives two fucks. You’re pathetic. Please die.

4 months ago


Tomorrow is the last day before break. Which means I have to see everyone having fun and going out and just having the best fucking time of their lives.

And I’m here trying not to relapse or kill myself. Katie, you’re a fucking idiot, you’re a pathetic, stupid, ugly, worthless, useless, good for nothing piece of shit. You don’t have any friends and it’s no wonder you’ve never had an actual boyfriend. You’re wasting everyone’s time, you fat piece of shit. We want you dead.

4 months ago


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im sorry i just hate myself
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